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Out of the window I can see the beach

children are building castles,

but the tide’s already turning.

In the distance stands a lighthouse,

useless for a long long time,

cause the light’s stopped burning.


Like the castles my faith’s been washed away.

I’m always the loser,

so what’s the use anyway.

And you were my lighthouse,

but your love has faded away.

No hard feelings, isn’t that what they always say?



But no compassion I shout,

maybe I’ll find another to lean on.

Although my lighthouses keep running out.





We dig for God, we have no choice

Because we are mortal singular

We dig for God and language

It has to be hidden somewhere

A snail dragged it’s towers

But it died and dissolved

A cloud spoke yes and amen

In bird’s eyes view we held on

to a tree without roots

And now sometimes I wonder

…….(onverstaanbaar)……to suggest

that we are not just bodies and minds

We’re such little creatures

in the endless universe

It sounds pretentious

to believe that there’s life after death

So dig for God and don’t be a snail

when you can’t acept your mortality.


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